Journal, February 23, 1977 PM

I made it home on the bike last evening in 35 minutes, only getting off once to walk up part of the hill between Tibás and Santo Domingo. That hill is a bear going either way! They ought to have built a big suspension bridge between the two towns. As it is you have to go down into a deep gulley and then come back up out of it. It’s so steep that even in the lowest gear on the bike, you are straining away to push the pedals. You can’t get a run at the hill either because the other side is too steep to let go and race down. Also at the center of the gulley is a bumpy one-lane bridge where the cars take turns crossing.

I felt like a real little homemaker last night. I made soup; I went to buy groceries; I cleaned some beans and put them to soak for cooking tonight. I had left food wastes in a box in the kitchen, and the ants & flies were after them. I had to bag them up (and then I forgot to put them out for the garbage pickup today). I also dusted and swept. God, how the dirt accumulates in that place. Santo Domingo is so windy, the place is open under the roof, and we have a gravel road in front. Dusting & sweeping should be done daily, but I don’t have time. I must go pay respects to the priest in San Antonio {de Belén} once again, so the clothes will pile up.

I’m into subalgorithms now in the computer science text. Yesterday I put screen windows in plastic pail lids for Carlos’ {Reed} experiment, but today I am mostly unoccupied. I think the background from reading the text may serve me some day. I’ll almost certainly have to take a computer course when I return to college. Anyway, it’s good discipline & keeps the mind ticking away.

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