We left El Salvador December 21st and entered the U.S. at New Orleans. Sofia received her permanent resident visa or “Green Card” there. We spent a day and night in Nashville TN visiting my sister Marcia and her husband Rendy. We flew to Madison on December 23rd and made it to the farm near Friendship WI just in time for Christmas.

El Salvador endured a terrible civil war in the 1980s. Though it officially ended with a ceasefire in 1992, the effects still linger.

The Atiocoyo Irrigation Project was completed. A 1998 report by Jack E. Farmer, PE indicates that management and technical issues still existed and were being addressed at that time.

El Maizal still exists as a community sponsored by the El Salvador Episcopal Church, near Metalío. I have been unable to ascertain whether the demonstration and training farm I worked at is still operating.

CIGRAS (Centro para Investigaciones en Granos y Semillas), the Grain and Seed Research Center, still exists at the University of Costa Rica in San Pedro.

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