Journal, February 3, 1977 PM

Monday afternoon I bolstered up my courage and boldness, and called the Costarican YMCA office to ask Brad Smith, who is the subdirector, if he would consider taking pictures at our wedding. I had met him (just briefly) at Peace Corps director Gary O’Neil’s going away party, and noted that he was a photography buff. It was highly presumptuous on my part & I fully realized it. I was so nervous & keyed up about it that I talked fast & sat there by the phone almost visibly shaking and feeling my heart pounding on my ear drums when it was over! He must be a very decent person. He took it well, & promised he would ask a friend who had done such things before if she would do it.

Tuesday afternoon I dropped by the ACJ (Asociación Cristiano de Jovenes) {YMCA} to see Brad. I arrived carrying my shaving kit, a bundle of hangers, a cooking pot, my shoulder bag with my usual junk plus a kitchen knife and some garlic gloves in it, and a paper bag with two glasses, a spatula and a potato peeler in it. I was wearing my jacket (despite the heat) in order to carry it over to the apartment in Santo Domingo. I had not taken time to shave that morning. He was busy with a man who sounded important, so a very proper young lad conducted me to his office where I awaited him.

He promised that he or Catherine Lambert would take my pictures. <I asked him to come to dinner some time at Sofia’s.> He asked me to keep an eye out for an apartment in San Jose for a friend of his. <He said he was very busy right now, but would try to come out to Sofia’s in a week or so when things calmed down.>

I still don’t like having asked the favor, but Brad Smith has made it very easy on me.

Feb. 1, I ate leftovers and tried to get things somewhat organized in the apartment. Feb 2, I took flowers & popcorn (in grain) to Doña Carmen’s as a “recuerdo” and carried off the last of my stuff. She said she & Don Fabio would almost for sure go as Padrinos {Godparents} for our wedding. Her mother keeps getting worse. I think Doña Carmen is finally starting to accept the fact that she’s dying.

<I ate at Sofia’s and we had an animated necking session.> One day of not seeing each other made all the difference!

<Tonight Sofia has promised to prepare a meal at our apartment, and we’ve invited her sister and the sister’s boyfriend.>

I want to get a line on a bed today.

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