Journal, February 9, 1977 PM

Last night I bought the necessary parts and fixed my bike up. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a spring for the sprocket changer I had so I finally gave up & bought a new changer (108 Colones). I tried finding one in San Salvador and in Madison {WI} with similar luck. The one I bought is a very popular brand, so they should have replacement springs when I need them. Who knows if it’ll still be popular when I need a spring!

I took the bike for a spin at 9:30 or so. It worked A-1, and I got a pleasant rush just bopping around on it. It felt as good as it used to in Metalío. Now I need to wax it to slow down the rust. I may ride the bike to San Antonio {de Belén} Saturday for the exercise. I want to ride it here to work, but the first time will have to be a weekend so I can check the time necessary for the trip, & the feasibility of it. There is a steep, steep hill between Santo Domingo & Tibás!

I finally got a cutting board and celebrated by making hamburgers with green peppers & onions. I also cooked up some beans last night, making a hell of a mess when they ran over.

I bought two rat traps and a knob for a kitchen cabinet as well, and a covered pail to store food in (against rats). I put the knob on & set the traps in between baking beans & fixing the bike. This morning I found the bait gone from one trap, but the trap not sprung. Those rats are intelligent (and possibly experienced in handling traps)!

I’m reading from a computer science text to keep occupied today. Things are at a stand-still in my experiment, & Dr. Mora is busy. Carlos & Renán are both (seemingly) busy so I feel a little guilty.

<Today I hit the Post Office, the bank, and then lit out for San Antonio, hoping to find Sofia “cariñosa {affectionate}” today.>

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