Journal, March 16, 1977 PM

<Yes, our lovemaking has been superb, and Sofia has taken to household tasks so dedicatedly that I feel embarrassed at times having her doing so much for me.> She finds tasks for me when I’m around though. She’s no martyr or willing slave.

<Several of her sisters came to visit Sunday with one sister’s boyfriend.> Monday it was her mother who came, to help wash clothes. <Yesterday she went to La AsunciĆ³n and brought her younger brother back to keep her company.> They’re checking up on me! But then I give a damn. <Sofia’s done wonders in the apartment, and she makes good meals.> They leave us alone in bed! <Once Sofia’s into school she’ll be too busy to keep such close contact with them.> More important, her mother will eventually accept the fact that she’s a mature & competent married woman.

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