Journal, October 28, 1977 AM

I just trucked over to the CNP drier {government grain drying station} and talked to an old fellow about where they plant corn around here. He gave me some good advice, I think. You can never be sure they’re not B.S.’ing you. He said we should follow the roads to two cantons {political entities similar to U.S. counties} near here, and that the corn farmers all live along the road. Also, I found out that they grow some rice in the zone.

I slept pretty badly. At about three this morning one or more truck drivers left, making all possible noise in the process, it seemed. Then at five the dog in the lot directly below me began to bark. Así es la vida {That’s life}.

We’ve been lucky in one thing. The always rainy Atlantic zone is dry as a bone right now. Apparently it has been for about a week. I hope it stays that way all day. The horrendous road we came in on would be much worse wet, especially the river crossings.

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