Journal, January 15, 1977 PM

<Sofia & I struck out with apartment hunting today.> We only tried calling 2 places, so no big deal, but we checked out the paper & have some more possibilities to check on now. Apartments listed in the paper are so expensive. <I wish I had a better idea what food & other extras are going to cost us, because Sofia is very blasé about the whole thing.> We agreed that we should find a place for between 4 and 6 hundred Colones, and then she sees one for 875 Colones, with furniture, and thinks we should check it out. She’s never lived outside her parents’ home. She doesn’t realize how expensive it is to live.

I played soccer at work Friday, scoring 2 goals as we played a “no defense” game, just like the two other times I have played with the CIGRAS group. Dr. Mora is really pushing Carlos {Reed} & I into starting individual research projects. Mine concerns the “endurecimiento {hardening}” of beans. Mora is interested in finding out how temperature and humidity of storage, and time in storage affect the cooking time of beans. If a cheap method of storage is possible, that will also keep the beans “suaves {soft}”, it could mean a lot to the bean warehouses. Now they have to throw away beans that get too hard to cook.

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