Journal, May 9, 1976 PM

Has anyone in the entire world ever tried making oatmeal in coconut milk? The feat was accomplished folks, by none other than Jay Hasheider and Dean Jefferson, (Please spell the names right!) on the morning of 9 May of 1976 in the sleepy village of Metalio, El Salvador. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to try that in a couple thousand years, but I had the oatmeal mixed with powdered milk, & ready to add water, when Jay says, “Wait a minute, I want to see if I can get some cocos {coconuts} to make it with their juice.” It was good, thick and filling, and super nutritious, combining milk, oats and coconut milk.

We hung around the house this morning. I finished my letter to CREDHO, adding my resignation, while Jay struggled with physics problems. I helped him with a couple, & he’s been going like wildfire ever since. I think he just finished the chapter now (9:30 at night), and picked up his banjo.

I went to El Maizal after lunch, & missed Marques who had been there in the morning. I left when the doctors did (Sunday is clinic day), and was halfway to Metalio when I met the CREDHO lawyers on the road. I went back and sold them the two rabbits they have wanted for the longest time. I told them about Don Pedro and some of the other co-op members who knew nothing about the heated meeting in San Salvador, and still were expecting their fertilizer and seed. I said if they let the folks like Don Pedro down, they would have their minds set against CREDHO for good. They promised to mention it to Freddy, and asked Don Juan to take down names of people who still want the stuff. They won’t get things straightened out until they send a promoter around to the cooperatives, and find out what the general sentiment is. I hope CREDHO acts prudently for once, but have my doubts.

Conrad Ebish, his girlfriend and 3 of her sisters were here when I returned. “Why hadn’t I stopped by to visit her?”, his novia {girlfriend} wanted to know. Jay & Conrad sent off a tiny balloon. Twice the flame went out after short flights, and then on try #3 it burst into flames at treetop height. You can’t win them all. The women folk and Conrad left shortly thereafter.

<I wrote a letter to Sofia tonight & packed for the trip.> I hope to catch Chico {Rodriguez} in the office, & perhaps Jaime will be in town. I have to get my letter typed up and take it over to CREDHO. No chance left to lose my nerve.

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