Journal, May 12, 1976 PM

I just finished reading the UN FAO {United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization} “limited circulation” report on the projected Tamalasco River basin Project. Sounds like the guy who wrote it was most interested in reforestation, and most concerned about the speed at which the reservoir of the ‘5 de Noviembre’ {November 5th} dam is filling up. The job description for the sociologist to be employed in the feasibility study reads like it was written by a forester or soil conservationist as well: “Qualifications: Preferably expertise in rural development problems with experience in organization of low income farmers, subsistence economy and obtaining owner cooperation. Demonstrated on-the-ground experience is the most important qualification.” I swear they divide up all the realistic tasks, & then say, “Gee, I don’t know how we’re going to pull that part off, let’s assign it to one of them smart-assed sociologists, and see what cockeyed scheme he proposes!” What they really need is an LBJ {Lyndon Johnson, former U.S. President} type arm-twister.

Oh well, it’s not my job description, I can just offer my ideas and observations to my counterpart. I’ll give him a little rope, and see if he lays claim to being experienced in “obtaining owner cooperation.” I have to rap some more with Chico {Rodriguez} about exactly what my role is going to be. He probably won’t know much more than I do!

I wrote to Jay Mathes, to Gert {Verberkmoes}, and to Harry Brokish in the morning. I wanted to tell Jay what has happened at El Maizal lately. I expect it will change his mind about coming down this summer, if he still intended to do so. I haven’t heard from him in some time.

I opened up the thermos this morning, & the yogurt was just perfect, about the right thickness and everything. I had some for lunch & supper, & left the bottle in Don Tin’s refrigerator. At last I have successfully made yogurt. Next I must make bread! Ed Shiffer promised to help me realize that ambition.

I buzzed over to El Maizal after lunch to leave off some materials I thought they might find a use for, and see if Marques was there. He had come & gone in the morning. I turned over my rabbit & goat records and technical info., officially, to Aristides. (I felt a wee bit like Pilate washing his hands!) I gave the rabbits some salt & hay, and I watered the eggplant and peanuts. I can’t seem to stop doing chores, it’s a long-standing habit.

The lawyer and some other folks from the {Episcopal} Church showed up, but they didn’t seem to be in a mood for talking, and neither was I, so I left. They did say the coop members are going to get their seed and fertilizer - all except those from Culilapa. Don Santos will be happy about that.

I went out to the beach this evening. Again it had me agape & fascinated. The sun sinking & the moon materializing; the waves rising up, peaking and then tumbling over themselves with a thunderlike sound from the fall of tons of water; the clouds draped in satiny evening wear, and the string of glimmering lights which is Acajutla. I could stand there for minutes, maybe hours, just taking in nature’s ‘Metalio Spectacular.’ “But me I have appointments to keep, and miles to go before I sleep . . . I’ll be more productive farther from this temptation, tal vez {maybe}!

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