Journal, May 14, 1976 PM

<I wrote the letter to Sofia & mailed it today in San Salvador.> I left Metalio about 10 AM and got to Sonsonate in good time only to get on a wrong bus. It said ‘San Salvador - Sonsonate’ on the front, and was parked in the area where the “directo” {nonstop or express} buses to San Salvador usually leave from, but when it got out to the highway it took a left & headed for the coast! I was pissed, but was not the only person fooled.

Then, getting back to the bus station in another bus, I ran into one of the sisters of Conrad Ebish’s girlfriend. She suggested waiting until one PM for the big Greyhound-style bus. We did & it was a pleasant trip, chatting and riding in a bus with leg room & reclining seats.. It made only one (required) stop between Sonsonate and Santa Tecla.

I checked in at the hospedaje {guest house} near the old Peace Corps Office, bought a flashcube & headed for Peace Corps {Office}, mailing my letter on the way. Chico {Rodriguez} was in, and we talked some about the Río Tamalasco thing. He says we should get together and write up some possible questionnaire questions some time late next week. I don’t know if I’m ready for that stage yet.

I saw Jay, and got a letter from Mary & David. Would you believe they’re going to have another baby in November or December? Yup, just like Mom & Dad, once they got started they just couldn’t stop! I do hope they stop before 10, the world is not ready for ten more Olsens! Sounds like Mary is real busy and very content. Good old Mary is well on her way to becoming a grandma some day! She always reminded us younger kids of one, even at 18.

Wisconsin State Government sent me shit on career positions, like social worker up in Chippewa Falls. Nothing fitting my qualifications or my needs. Looks like I’ll have to just wait & see what’s open when I get there. I’m thinking my best bet is to get a job in a physics lab if at all possible. That way I’ll be learning physics, getting to know faculty, en fin, building reputation in the department, and if my academics are also up to par, they’ll see that I make it financially somehow. I’m thinking again that I want to try taking the Physics first and second courses both at once. That will get me admitted to the department for the fall (which should open up scholarship possibilities) and further establish my seriousness of purpose & reputation.

Tomorrow, it’s the 6:15 train for San Isidro, and a trip into the past (last year at this time I was working in San Isidro). I’m going to the Patron Saint Festivals, to see Don Torribio & Doña Julia, to visit the grave of Don Pedrito, to see some people one more time, etc. The infamous Morena R. {Rodriguez} may go too. That would indeed make the weekend complete. I have never gotten around to calling her & yet I want to say good-bye and tell her to visit me if she ever does make it back to the States. Now that I am a “promised man” maybe we can be spontaneous friends like we were when I first met her. I hope she’s on the train.

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