Journal, May 11, 1976 PM

No Marques today at El Maizal. Don Santos says he may go to San Salvador to ask for his fertilizer. He says he hasn’t the money to get it anywhere else.

I left Santa Tecla right after breakfast, and got to Don Tin’s {restaurant} just in time for lunch.

I made some yogurt in the afternoon, at least I think it will turn out to be yogurt. I’m making it in a thermos according to a method Steve Hayes uses & claims is fool proof. We’ll see if it can lick this fool!

<I wrote to Sofia just now.> I may have been a little nasty. She demands so much lovey dovey talk. I don’t know whether I feel I’m above that kind of thing, or whether it just embarrasses me to write it, & I don’t want to admit to my embarrassment. I lean toward the latter explanation in my more objective moments. Anyway, I told her to take it easy, and let the thing move at its pace (maybe I meant my pace, I don’t know!). She’s so honest & good, I’d hate to offend her. (I hear sister Joyce’s most sneering voice: “Yea, wait ‘til yer married buddy!”) Who knows what the “boda” {wedding} will bring, ever?

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