Journal, May 20, 1976 PM

I picked up Anne Frank’s Diary at Peace Corps Office today. I don’t know when I’ll find time to read it, but it sounds interesting. It’s another classic I feel I should try.

Chico {Rodriguez} never got around to taking me to Recursos {the government natural resources agency} today. He took off for Los Cruces in the morning and never returned to the office. So I read up on the project, all the stuff he had given me. Now I’m fully prepared to face them at Recursos.

<I got a nice letter from Sofia saying she likes my English lessons.> I sent her a couple passages from poems to get her practicing English. I got a polite form letter from the City of Madison telling me they don’t have any use for me. So it goes.

Fred Tracy was in the office returning the Peace Corps pickup. He has got a million projects going and is working his butt off, and is happy. Fred more than anyone else from my training group needs to be working to be happy. That’s why he’s such a good {agricultural} extensionist.

I made rice, platanos {plantains} & hamburgers for my supper - ate like a horse. Then I read 2 chapters from “Tierra de Infancia” and an article on the possible weight of photons from “Scientific American”, and I’m ready to call it a night.

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