Journal, May 11, 1976 AM

I got my letter typed and carried over to the church yesterday. Today I’ll be out to El Maizal where Freddy promised that Mr. Marques would be. I hope he’s out there. Then I will assure him that I am indeed leaving, and it will be settled.

I got some info. on the Talmalasco project from Chico {Rodriguez} to start reading this week out in Metalio. One “limited circulation” report & another giant & mostly useless collection of statistics.

I spent the night at Steve Pamperin’s and ate supper at Ed Shiffer’s. I just walked in as Ed was barbecuing steaks & got one. I also had some boiled whole wheat. It was good, & is cheaper than rice. I must remember to try making it myself some time.

Ed says I could probably stay with him starting June first. He’s looking for a roommate to cut down on expenses, and he has a stove & small refrigerator. It looks like a perfect setup for me. I’ll be able to do some cooking, & hopefully save some money that way. He knows how to make bread & is willing to teach me. Beautiful!

<I got a very emotional letter from Sofia.> She wants more letters, and says she wants to know everything I do and think about. She hasn’t gotten any letters since the mochila {shoulder bag} got there, and has no patience. About two letters a week is all I can manage, especially now that I’ll be working more, so she’ll have to be content with that.

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