Journal, May 6, 1976 PM

Why can’t I just quit? I ran into Profy Gomez over at the {Episcopal} Church this evening, and he said, very diplomatically, that it was “bad politics” for the Church to fire the 2 agronomos {Agricultural Extensionists} and Mr. Castillo “de un solo golpe” {all at once}. What an under-statement. it appears CREDHO had two agronomos from BFA {Banco Fomento Agripequario or Agricultural Development Bank} interested in taking over the jobs of Mejia & Flores, but when they heard about how they had been fired without warning, the BFA guys backed out. Agronomos here are all like fraternity brothers. You mistreat one and none of them want anything to do with you. So it goes.

But I’m still trying to put together a budget for building the milking shed. Steve ran out on me this morning. He went to Metapán with the two FAO {United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization} guys. I think he’ll even spend the night up there.

I went to see the cattle show that is at the Feria Internacional {International Fairgrounds} this week. They had all purebred stuff {cattle}, big breeders - nothing for the small cattleman. I saw a few Holsteins, among them some daughters and a son of Paclamar Bootmaker, a well proven & popular sire in the U.S. Through the wonders of artificial insemination they can have quality Holstein cattle in Central America or anywhere in the world. Whether they adapt well to the climate or not is another thing entirely however. I didn’t see a single crossbred {cow} at the show, but that is what the average ganadero {cattleman} here has.

<I wrote and mailed a letter to Sofia today.> {some text not transcribed} Love by letter is not very emotionally satisfying. Intellectually it’s reassuring enough, but I have no one to touch, embrace, hold onto. Protestant ethic, delayed gratification and all that rot - stiff upper lip lad & no backsliding!

I also bought a 1 liter thermos and some yogurt for starter. I plan to attempt to make yogurt by by the Steve Hays method, without the help of the mighty Sun God. May José {Joe} the Canadian forgive me! I hope I have better luck than I had with José’s method.

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