Journal, May 1, 1976 AM

My watch says it’s the 31st today, and it might just as well be. I’m still under the influence after doing quite a bit of drinking last night. I had my first beer at Spanish class at 1:30. I had some more at the A.I.D. meeting at 4:00 to 5:30. Then we went to El Yugo, a steak restaurant, for a despedida {farwell} for Ron & Nancy Shiflet, who are flying home as I write this morning. Then we had another beer at El Cantón {Chinese restaurant}, and then we went down into a rough section of town (sorry, I forgot a stop at the Bamboo Room first), and heard a little band play as we drank. I was drinking Coke by then. Diego & I went home about 1:30, but Jaime & Mike kept going.

I saw the last few rounds of the Ali-Young fight too. Lord, we really got around!

I stopped by the Episcopal Church at noon yesterday. Padre {Father} Serrano was busy, but I spent some time talking to the wife of a Bishop from the U.S. that is down here. I told her about some of my problems - she was sympathetic. She’s from Vermont, & knows a little about what it takes to take care of cattle. Then I met Padre Serrono’s “old lady”. What a surprise. She is young, pretty, sweet as sugar and a Costarican. What a small world, but her hubby still rubs me the wrong way.

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