Journal, May 2, 1976 PM

Marques didn’t show. A bitch {female dog} has been into the “conejera {rabbit cages}” and killed two rabbits. There is a whole lot of fertilizer in the storage shed at El Maizal now, & they can’t sell it or the corn seed until Marques shows up to get things going. This was gleaned from my morning at El Maizal.

This afternoon I took the back wheel from my bike apart, trying to straighten it, & to take off the sprockets so as to put in a new spoke. No luck on #2. I’ll put it back together tomorrow, minus one spoke.

<In the evening I wrote a letter to Sofia.> In fact I just finished it and am about to call it a night. The insects have been merciless since early this afternoon. I don’t believe a worthy thought has emanated from my grey matter in all day! I wonder if Einstein had days like this one? A saber {Who knows}!

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