Journal, May 6, 1976 AM

I’m in Santa Tecla at Steve Pamperin’s. I’ve had my oatmeal, and am ready to go down to the bank with Steve, and try to work out a budget for building a milking shed with feeding & watering facilities, and establishing pastures. Steve is still in bed, but his roommates are up & getting ready for work. Steve Hay’s counterpart is here, & he & Mike Shank are B.S.’ing.

I got sidetracked in my intention to quit CREDHO. I told Mr. Marques I thought that the best thing they could do would be to not get cattle. He wouldn’t listen. I told him we needed pastures and a corral, etc., and he asked about a design for a milking set up. There I was ready for him. I told him about the plans the people at the Banco Fomento {Development Bank} had given us last fall. So we went over to the bank to talk it over, and see what we could do about getting a budget for the whole setup. So here I am. Steve & I will see what we can do this morning.

I attended a meeting that Padre {Father} Serrano and Freddy Salguerro held for the CREDHO coop presidents at the {Episcopal} Church. What a waste. They called those peasant farmers in to the capital to cry on their shoulders about how someone had been going around saying that CREDHO was making big profits off seed & fertilizer sales. They bristled with self-righteous anger. What a joke. The farmers were, of course, very agreeable (apologetic even though they had nothing to apologize for), and made touching statements of their personal confidence in the Padre & CREDHO. After it was over, one farmer asked, “And what price are you selling Gramaxone (a weed killer) at?” It was as if to say, now that your egos are patched up, let’s get back to business.

A couple Gringos {North Americans} who work for one of CREDHO’s funding agencies were supposed to go to El Maizal at 1 PM, but didn’t show up ‘til after 2. A couple of cheerleaders - my first impression. They decided not to go, to wait ‘til there were students at El Maizal. But isn’t it all so wonderful what they’re doing here!

After that is when Marques & I went for a bite to eat & got talking. Why can’t I just quit?

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