Journal, May 24, 1976 PM

First day on the job at DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables, the Salvadoran government natural resources agency}. They put me to reading MAG’s {Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia’s or Ministry of Agriculture and Cattle Farming} 1976 yearbook & their department’s 1975 one. I yawned profusely.

In spite of that, the thought entered my mind this evening that if things go well for me at DGRNR and I find the reforestation project worth my time, I might re-up with Peace Corps and stay ‘til next July. With the readjustment allowance increase, I could make a cool $1,000 extra in those 8 extra months. <I could marry Sofia in August, take her back to Wisconsin and start school only a semester later.> If I could get the expense paid trip home for a visit out of Chico {Rodriguez} & John {Jones, Peace Corps El Salvador Director} for staying 8 months instead of a year, I’d just about do it! <I’d be able to visit Sofia “seguida” {often} until we’re hitched & save a lot of airfare.> It’s a very sensible alternative to going back to the U.S. and coming back 6 months later, already “metido” {immersed} in a very different life, and picking up on the relationship. It all stays inside my head though until I see how things go at DGRNR!

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