Journal, May 19, 1976 PM

No time to read Spanish or English tonight. <After frying up some platanos {plantains} for supper & unpacking, I only had time for another letter to Sofia.> Those letters certainly are time consuming!

I got my May “Scientific American” today. April’s never got here, although another volunteer got his for April. I smell more intra Peace Corps thievery. The thievery of books & magazines among Volunteers is absolutely atrocious. I wish I had a closed mailbox so I could at least not have to worry about my magazines. I want to start collecting those “Scientific Americans”.

I went over to El Maizal just to talk to Mr. Marques this morning and he wasn’t there! Well, now he’ll have to come looking for me. I won’t be hanging around El Maizal playing with rabbits and waiting. Sorry Charlie!

Tomorrow, to Recursos Naturales Renovables {the government “renewable” natural resources agency} to see what gives on my new assignment. Frankly, I hope they don’t push me too hard. I’d just as soon coast through my last 5 months, but I’ll do what I can for the Upper Lempa Basin Project. It’s a necessary project and one of a kind which is going to become more & more common as resources become scarcer & more precious.

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