Journal, May 17, 1976 PM

Another day on the move, at a snail’s pace of course. I started for Metalio at 1 PM and got here in time for supper. I’m about done with all this senseless traveling to & from Metalio. I have to go to Recursos Naturales {the government natural resources agency} with Chico Rodriguez on Thursday, so I plan to pack a suitcase & go into town Wednesday afternoon, and stay there until I can get the Peace Corps pickup to bring my shit in. I put in a request for the pickup for next week. Hopefully Ed Shiffer will be receptive to my moving in with him earlier. This way he’ll get some money to help him get through the rest of this month.

<I wrote & mailed a letter to Sofia in the morning.> I swear I don’t miss her half bad until I sit down to write her. I guess ‘cause it gets me thinking about her, logical.

Chico gave me some more stuff on the Río Tamalasco Project to read, so I’ll have to buckle down and read tomorrow. I will go to El Maizal to tie up what loose ends I can also. Tomorrow they are supposed to give out seed & fertilizer, so I feel more sure than usual that Marques will be there.

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