Journal, May 13, 1976 PM

I hung around the house all day. I read some more about my new job, a study that some economists and engineers did as a training course. it has some interesting stuff (since I know nothing about the Tamalasco area), and a lot of garbage.

I also washed the canvas on my tijera {cot} and read a “Scientific American” article on a new gadget for separating cells by weight & phosphorescence differences. Reading “Scientific American is bringing the work of scientists more down home for me, taking out the mystery & art. Scientists are just clever, mentally sharp folks, trained extensively in problem solving techniques and a specific field, and paid to try to discover solutions to particular complex problems. I expect to enjoy being one of them some day.

I rode up the beach on my bike after getting my clothes from the lady near where Jay & I used to live, who washes them. What a trip, to speed along the hard-packed sand at low tide, & be able to look over your shoulder at a deep yellow near-full moon just above the treetops. I got caught off guard by a bulging in-wash of water and it splashed up to my thighs. I sat on my bike laughing ‘til it subsided, and then extracted the sunken wheels and tripped off again.

<I was going to write Sofia & I better do it tonight ‘cause I won’t if I wait ‘til morning.> If only I could capture moments like that bike ride & send them on down. A natural high in an envelope! Special delivery?

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