Journal, May 3, 1976 PM

Another day, still no Marques. I spent another morning at El Maizal doing big zero. I got my bike back together in the afternoon, but am afraid I put a pinhole in the tube in the process.

The most exciting event of the day was Jay’s return. <He showed up about 8 PM carrying the {Peace Corps} Volunteer newsletter & a letter from Sofia.> They printed my article on the Animal Health Seminar in the paper, with only 2 missing “a”s, plus a disclaimer for all grammatical errors made by the “hick author”. The paper had a couple serious articles in it - more than usual.

<Sofia says she has vacation from June 26 to July 20, or there abouts, so I’ll probably go down there with Jaime about the first week of July.> She says she’s going to start putting together a list of interesting places I should see in Costa Rica (with her). Now you’re talkin’ woman! She put more jive in this letter than any previous one, & wrote more informally (even a little disorganized). That’s fine ‘cause I don’t like formalities, & she continues sayin’ she loves me. I can dig it.

Jay says he’ll go into San Salvador with me to talk to the Padre {Father Serrano} if Marques hasn’t shown up by tomorrow. I don’t know exactly what we’ll tell him, but I’m ready to take some serious action. First, find out what’s going on, & if it’s what I think it is, get out of this mess, and go tell Chico {Rodriguez} I want to try one of his suggestions.

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