Journal, May 1, 1976 PM

Tonight we find the author in Metalio preparing to go to bed in his hammock. His tijera {cot} is loaded down with his books because the floor of the beach house is still wet in places from a recent rain storm. And so on!

I mailed my job-probe letters to Madison & Wisconsin State Government this morning (actually I left the them in Peace Corps Office with the money because today is Labor Day). I didn’t get to Metalio ‘til about 4:30, so I just ate, showered, read some of the {New York} Times, drank some tea, and read some of “Tierra de Infancia” by Claudia Lars. The book is my latest attempt at improving my Spanish. She writes simply and cleverly, and the story is about Armenia, the town she grew up in, near Sonsonate. <I’ll read it to my kids some day, if I marry Sofia.> It would be a fitting book to read aloud to children.

I saw Jay this morning (at Peace Corps Office), and he says that Señor Castillo and Señor Flores have quit working for CREDHO and moved their shit out of El Maizal. Looks like things are deteriorating rapidly over there. I hope I run into Marques there tomorrow or Monday to find out what’s going on. I’m not going to spend the whole week waiting for him! I’ll go into San Salvador and wait on Freddy Salguerro if he hasn’t showed by Tuesday.

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