Journal, May 19, 1976 AM

Last evening Jay sent off a balloon, sort of celebrating my leaving. It went straight up & stayed up a long time - no wind. Finally it began to come down, & the ball of cotton which fuels it actually went out while it was still high in the air. We were both jubilant about the length of time it stayed up.

I got over to El Maizal yesterday morning to give Marques the materials I wanted to leave him. However, we hardly discussed my leaving or the papers I was leaving behind. I wonder if he’ll make use of them. He wants me to come back today, presumably to B.S. again rather than for anything substantial. I’ll go today, but this is the end.

I treated a wounded rabbit while there yesterday, never fails. I told them it was necessary to tattoo the young rabbits right away. No one was listening. I told Marques & one other guy about the letter from the American Dairy Goat Association containing applications for registry. Marques gave no sign of being interested.

Jay & I collaborated to solve a couple physics problems that were giving him trouble in Chapter 5 of Bueche. The tables have turned. Now he is actively studying physics & I am only talking about it. I can’t use his book while he’s using it, & I am trying to do my sociology “homework” right now.

I read 2 chapters from “Tierra de Infancia” last night. I have to get into the habit of reading a chapter before bed every night. Only like that will I finish it reasonably soon. I enjoy reading it, but having to look up words constantly tires me out quickly.

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