Journal, May 22, 1976 AM

Miz, Ed’s cat is on the tijera {cot} here beside me. She came in & clawed me a good one in the tender part of my leg near my genitals this morning. Needless to say this got me moving!

I made up some yuca last night by boiling it in water and could only eat about half of it. <I’ll try frying what’s left to see if I can get it to come out something like the yuca Sofia’s family makes - delicious.>

I spent another day hanging around Peace Corps {Office} & never got to Recursos Naturales {the government natural resources agency}. Monday I’m going straight out there with Mike Shank.

I ate lunch at Todos shopping center, 3 bananas, 2 sweet cakes and a carton of milk. It’s cheaper than most any restaurant, I can do my shopping on the side, and they have some decent sweet cakes!

Today I’ve got to come up with a list and do some serious shopping. I have to figure out what to eat all next week. Tough problem!

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