Letter, April 22, 1976

Hi Jan,

Your letter didn’t get here before my trip to Costa Rica, I found it in the mail box when I got back. Thanks much for the pictures, the 3 from San Antonio are all gems! I gave away copies of all those Christmas pictures to everyone in San Antonio when I was there, so they are satisfied. I’ll enjoy these pictures for a while myself. {some text not transcribed}

While in San Jose one day I picked up a copy of the Tico Times, and there was an ad in it for an elementary school teacher! Country Day School has an opening. That guy at Costa Rica Academy said it: If you’re there looking, you’ll find a job! Have you written to any of those schools yet? I hope they’re still short a teacher in August!

At last my subscription to “Scientific American” has started coming. I applied for it last September. But it was worth the wait! The March issue has an article discussing theories of the origin & destiny of the Universe - theoretical astrophysics. I find myself eager to absorb dense scientific language. Even Peace Corps El Salvador has not deadened the insatiable student in me!

I may leave El Maizal and try to do some more social consultant shit for my last 6 months here. I am feeling restless since I got back from Costa Rica. I feel I need to do something more intensive & at least potentially useful. I hope to lay it on the line to the El Maizal director before I lose my nerve, or my initiative, and slip back into the routine & just keep letting it ride. Jay’s not here right now to tell me how foolish I am to want to do something “meaningful”.

I asked at the U.S. Embassy & they said I could bring bean seed into the U.S. if it is treated and certified. So I think I’ll try to send a little home & plant it next year in the spring. Have you found any red or black beans up there? What about ready-made tortillas? Have you tried making tortillas? Did you find my mystery trunk with the McGovern sticker on it? How did your hemorrhoids come through the plane ride? Phew! I guess that about ends my spasmodic attack of questionitis. Please feel free to answer or not!

On the serious side, I had a very pleasant & mellow time in Costa Rica - even the weather was refreshing. It rained 3 days in a row, but only in the afternoon (for an hour or so). What a pleasant respite from now scorching El Salvador. It is 8:30 PM as I write and I am sitting here in just my shorts! <Sofia and I talked some about getting engaged in November - before I leave for Wisconsin.> Her whole family believes I will go back to the U.S. and never be heard from again, though they don’t show an inkling of that to me. <A ring will make it easier for Sofia to keep the faith too!> I have every intention of marrying her, you know, unless something happens to change one of our minds. (God, the blunt statements I am capable of lately!) Yup, we’ve even talked about when - a year from August holds our favor as “best bet” at this time. <It gives me the chance to get going in a job & in my studies, and it will be a beautiful & not too cold time for Sofia to get her first look at Wisconsin!> I’m itching to find a job & have it waiting for me when I get back in December, would you believe? Perhaps Dad’s first assessment was correct, I’m crazy!


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