Journal, April 24, 1976 PM

Again, Mr. Marques didn’t show up at El Maizal. I studied verb tenses & snacked. I tried cooking up some corn for tortillas in the afternoon. It’s simple to cook it, just put the corn in water, add a little Ca(OH)2 and boil it for about an hour. Smells good too! However, grinding the corn up to make “masa” {dough} is no small task without a “molina” {mill}, so I gave it up & ate some of the corn just as it was. I got filled up on it so will give the rest to some starving chickens or something. Anyway, now I know I can make tortillas if I just have a corn grinder available.

I napped the rest of the afternoon (took a swim & a run up the beach while the corn was cookin’!), & it was after supper before I did any physics problems. I finished Chapter 2 of Bueche, and started reading #3 - the first chapter in which he really starts talking physics.

<Tomorrow I’ll compose a letter to Sofia.> Wish she were here now. But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride! And where would western civilization be without delayed gratification, the good ole protestant ethic! And we used to make fun of the Catholics!

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