Journal, April 12, 1976 AM

<I can’t really say anything of substance has changed between Sofia & me from yesterday morning ‘til this, but my mood has. I guess it’s just being around Sofia for a while, the worries slip away.> I did get some verbal reassurance from her as well. She knows we must wait a year & a half, and accepts it, regretfully, like me. She’s honest enough to say it’ll be hard, & she’s not sure, but she’s confident she can make it. That’s probably what’s heightened my spirits - she’s so confident & assured right now.

One negative note though. She says the folks held a family conference on whether she could go up to Wisconsin for a visit, and went thumbs down on the idea. Pshaw! Thwarted by the family autocracy again! But it may not be the final word yet.

<We went to “dar una vuelta {take a walk}” with Jaime & Pilar, and 2 of Sofia’s sisters last night, & Sofia had a beer in the Soda {local restaurant}.> But she had the waiter put it in a glass instead of bringing the bottle, so no one would know! Some secret, she should have asked for a colored glass!

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