Journal, April 25, 1976 PM

How beautiful, it is raining, a real downpour. It looks like the start of the wet {rainy} season. This is about a month before it started last year, hard to believe!

Jay’s back & strumming on his banjo. He’s already trying to talk me out of leaving El Maizal to work somewhere else. He always messes with my mind, because he doesn’t care if he does anything useful in Peace Corps, and he makes that sound like the most reasonable alternative. But 20 cows with no pasture, Lord that’s no situation for a guy who wants to take it easy either! I just have to tell the folks at the {Episcopal} Church they are insane if they bring cows into the present situation at El Maizal. With the rabbits & goats just getting by the best they can, how are the cows going to make it?

Jan wrote to Jay. He says it was a real good letter. He really values “good letters”, and takes pride in those he writes. Who knows what this could lead to!

And the rain goes on & on. It started about 7:30 and it’s 9:15. <I wrote Sofia a letter today.> Just a punch-clock letter - I still care, how ya doin’, etc. I put in my morning appearance at El Maizal, no Marques. I figure to stop by the Church in San Salvador tomorrow, after Spanish classes. If this rain doesn’t stop, I’ll have to wade to the bus stop!

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