Journal, April 14, 1976 AM

Jaime & I got our visas & reservations all set yesterday, but killed the whole day in San Jose in the process. In addition to the $3 we had to pay for our visas for Nicaragua, they’re going to rip us for $2 to leave Costa Rica on Monday. Everyone is on the take for the Easter holidays. We are commemorating the triumph over death of the savior of the world, so pay us off if you want to go anywhere. What brotherly Christian countries are these!

<Sofia was in a doubting mood last night.> Me vas a olvidar cuando se va {You’ll forget me when you leave}. Apparently her whole family has been telling her this is what likely will happen when I go to the States in December. I can’t be positive, I told her, but I didn’t expect I would. I finally gave her the other half turn of this perpetually circular argument - that she could be the one to change her mind & call it off. Nothing can really relieve the doubts when they set in of course. It’s a feeling not a reasoned idea, so after a while we had to let it lie.

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