Journal, April 22, 1976 PM

I waited all day to talk to Marques. he didn’t make it out of San Salvador yet. Oh well, I read all about their experience with double-purpose cattle at CEDA, and found out what all alcohol can do to your liver, independent of indirectly leading to malnutrition (“Scientific American”). I’ll have to show Jaime that article on the effects of alcohol. He’s always talking about its nutritive value. The author says even moderate consumption leads to increased fatty tissue in the liver. Alcohol is metabolized, but apparently you can’t gain weight on it like you can carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

I composed a letter to send to the City of Madison & the State of Wisconsin requesting employment. I’ll type them up in San Salvador next week. <I wrote to Jan, telling her I figure on marrying Sofia and about when.> I’ll be very interested in how she reacts to that information.

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