Journal, April 19, 1976 AM

{some text not transcribed}

Jaime & I played some cribbage in the morning yesterday. Sometimes he gets so involved in a card game I don’t believe it! He’ll sit there looking over a completed game, & giving me a sportscaster-type recap: “Well, let’s see, at the start I was just playing along, not doing well, but staying in the game, not getting much “pegging”, and that kept you in the lead. Then I had a couple good hands, & some real fine pegging (12 points one time), and took the lead at about midgame . . ., etc.” I’m sitting there trying not to show my infinite boredom & impatience too openly (just enough to get him to wrap-up and play his cards!), because Jaime is so sensitive, & can’t begin to comprehend that anyone would not be interested! He’s the same way with sports, he’ll read a Miami Herald sports page, and then give an impromptu rundown on pro. baseball, college basketball or whatever. And the next tidbit of news he gets, he’ll revise it all for you. I’ll grant I often enjoy it ‘cause I used to be a sports addict, but down here, away from it all especially, I’ve become aware of the superficiality of it all. And he’s just gotten more addicted.

<All for now, I expect Sofia at 7:30 or so to say goodbye, & I catch the 8:00 bus into San Jose, & the 10:00 Tica Bus for Managua.> Away from this tranquil scene!

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