Journal, April 19, 1976 PM

Here we are in Managua again - back to the source, where this journal began! And so?

We got pretty well primed for the trip this morning when, as we were drinking 2 beers in our now customary pre-departure bar, some guy started buying us beer, & bought us 3 more. It was just as well, since the bus didn’t leave ‘til 11:30. 10 AM was scheduled departure time. We gave a shit!

<I showed Jaime the picture I extracted from Sofia last night. Sofia’s sister and her boy friend had showed it to me.> It is a picture of her at about 10 years of age with short hair, very boyish looking, but she still has those eyes. {some text not transcribed} So I showed it to Jaime, & he was unimpressed.

It’s late, & we’re due to “madrugar {get up early}” tomorrow so, that’s all.

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