Journal, April 21, 1976 AM

We had a pretty good smooth trip up in Tica Bus, talked with a girl from New Zealand who was on the bus. Jaime got off in Jocoro, & I got into San Salvador about 7:30 PM.

I really have a tough time taking Jaime sometimes. He’ll get into minutely analyzing some trivial thing, & go on & on. He’ll explain to me exactly what he’s going to do when he gets off the bus, & all his contingency plans if something goes haywire! And he’s always got times and distances down to the minute or kilometer, but still throws in an ‘about’: “Yes, it’s about 172 kilometers to the border, and if we keep going at about say 60-65 kph. {kilometers per hour} we’ll be there about 1:15, etc., etc.” He’s a nice guy - unquestionably one of the most decent people I know - but sometimes I’d love to say, “And so what, Jaime, who gives a damn?”

I didn’t read at all on the bus yesterday, instead I was mulling over ideas for getting a job in Madison. I think I’ll write to the city government and state government, and get applications. I’ll try to give them an idea of my situation and qualifications in the letter, so maybe they’ll channel me into something that fits my needs. I’ve also thought of writing Merna about the possibility of working as a waiter or bartender at Hoffman House. I would just ask about the prospects, not ask for help. A decent job would sure take some worry out of my life. I could carry about 10 credits, & just slide through slow if no scholarship help was forthcoming. <And marry Sofia, on schedule in August, que bien {how nice}!>

I also need to get into studying physics now more than ever, to get my mind oriented. I want to read another novel in Spanish to improve my command of the language. I have to talk with the Padre {Priest} and/or Freddy, to find out if there’s any future for me with CREDHO, & if not maybe spend my last 6 months working with the Cerron Grande dam project. I want to ask the U.S. Embassy about importing a little bean & corn seed into the U.S. Plenty to do, and I better get at it before another case of the El Salvador blahs hits me!

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