Journal, April 27, 1976 PM

Whew, I was as stoned tonight as I ever remember being. At the home of our Spanish instructor, Ramil Zepeta, Diego & I got wiped out on his dope. I was having flashbacks to Friendship, Wisconsin like mad, and antsy & paranoid about Ramil being the son of a colonel, all at once. Diego just put on some music, & broke that train of thought.

I’m “living the life of Riley” yesterday & today, and not getting the things done I set out to do during my week in the city. I like to drink beer too much, and dope can give me such an illusion of total calm & insight! They are dangerous for me. <If I’m going to get my life together enough to pursue my dreams, & have Sofia with me, I’ll have to control these two most tempting intoxicants.> So much time you can let slip by while “drugged” (Oh! that has a brutal sound!).

Tomorrow, none of these two, & I’ll try to cover a few “tareas” {tasks} that are in need of doing.

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