Journal, April 24, 1976 AM

Notice how my entries get smaller when I’m in Metalio? It’s because I’m not doing anything! Marques didn’t show up yesterday either, & I spent most of my time reading “Scientific American”, and studying Spanish grammar. My butt got sore from sitting on the hard wooden benches in the front of the school building.

At 4 PM I finally left. I came out to Kiklita {the beach house where I sleep}, shaved and made my oatmeal with powdered milk for supper. I swiped a little corn from El Maizal, and bought some “cal” {calcium oxide or lime}. I plan to try cooking up some masa {corn dough} today in the afternoon to see how it goes.

I wrote the folks last night, & sent them a roll of film to develop. <I told them just about what I told Jan, that Sofia & I would probably get engaged in December & marry in August of next year.> I don’t know what motivated me to write them about it while we haven’t even made it official or anything. It all came out rather trite and Mary Worthish, but I did it. Now Dad can recognize that the worst is already coming to pass & start accepting it!

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