Journal, April 26, 1976 PM

I didn’t have to wade to the bus stop, & I’m in San Salvador, a little blurry eyed & fuzzy headed after 4 beers with Jaime & Diego. I downed 2 aspirin to head off the hangover. I wonder what kind of havoc that causes my system?

I had an interview in the morning, & started Spanish class this afternoon. I’m in the most advanced class with Diego & 2 other guys. We’re going to work mainly on conversation.

<I mailed all my letters & bought Sofia a mochila {backpack or shoulder bag} today - now to mail it. I couldn’t bring myself to tell Diego I’m planning to marry Sofia.> He was questioning me about how I plan to keep in contact with her when I go back to the U.S. I just fear his reaction, Jaime’s too, for no real reason. It has all happened fast, & nothing is formal yet, but still I should be able to confide in close friends.

Fred is sick tonight. It started as a sore throat, now chills & fever, & he’s coughing. Poor guy’s miserable, & the medicine the Peace Corps doctor gave him hasn’t seemed to help.

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