Journal, April 30, 1976 AM

I was doing well, not spending any money yesterday, until I got back from Santa Tecla last evening. I had had only a sandwich since breakfast, & went out & ate “arroz valenciado” {a rice casserole} and a Hardee’s milk shake. I got back to the hospidaje {guest house}, and Fred was back & hungry, so I went & had a beer with him while he ate. On the way back we ran into Diego (also coming back from Santa Tecla), and we went and had 2 more beers. I didn’t spend much, but I had vowed not to drink any beer. I can’t say no to those guys though. It would be like refusing their company. I don’t only have that problem with Salvadorans!

But I admit enjoying my beer, too! Our times together are numbered now. Ron & Nancy go home Saturday, the rest of us in the fall, and work season (invierno {rainy season}) is starting for the pastures & forages extensionists. All too soon our little group will be terminated (The government word for ending Peace Corps service fits the context so well!). And so on!

Today or tomorrow Chico {Rodriguez} & I will talk with Padre {Father} Serrano - if we can catch him (& he deigns to talk with us unclean heathens!). Lord, I’ll be happy to have things with the {Episcopal} Church clarified, whatever the outcome.

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