Journal, April 28, 1976 PM

Again more beer & more money spent than I needed. <I got the mochila {shoulder bag} & a letter off to Sofia, though my #1 accomplishment turned out to be a well thought out & very honest letter, no glossing over my doubts.> I really have to sit down & think, to sift the essentials from the bullshit when I write her. It would be so much easier to float with the current of the euphoric feeling she gives me, but alas I’m too practical, too pensativo {thoughtful}.

I spilled to Chico {Rodriguez} about the situation at CREDHO, and we’re going to talk to Padre {Father} Serrano Saturday, with some luck. I hope we get the thing settled one way or another. I want to either get some firm assurances that the cattle will be provided for, or get out of El Maizal. Shit or get off the pot, as Gary Fritz would have said.

We saw “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” tonight - Diego, Fred & I. We had all read the book, so we were a highly critical audience. The movie was good, maybe even deserving of the 5 Oscars, but it couldn’t match the scope, the depth, or the unique, all important style, of the book. It was a story written in novel form, and couldn’t be adapted to the screen without losing a lot. Diego thought the movie could have been better. maybe a little, but never equal to the book. There’s no substitute for a well-written book, if you want to let your mind run free instead of just your emotions.

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