Journal, June 7, 1976 PM

Oh that rabbit was goooo-ooood! (Expression stolen from Andy Griffith!) We cut the 2 rabbits up in pieces and fried them over a wood fire. I cut up garlic & put it in melted butter to make a sauce to baste the meat in. I’ve never had better rabbit. It was much better than the one Jay {Hasheider} & I did on a spit. Much more tender.

Steve {Hayes} & Steve {Pamperin} came over, & 3 of Ed’s {Shiffer} young friends. We demolished a pound of rice & a loaf & a half of Ed’s homemade whole wheat bread, besides the rabbits and popcorn & beer. I won’t have to eat tomorrow!

It’s just as well. We’re supposed to go out to El Tamarindo for our prestudy visit for DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables} tomorrow, and may not be back until Thursday. But it’s one way to see more of the country.

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