Journal. June 2, 1976 PM

I just got back from seeing the “Count of Monte Cristo” here in Santa Tecla for 80 centavos (32 cents U.S.). What bargains we get at the Olympia Theater!

<I got a letter from Sofia today too.> That’s always a pleasant experience. She wrote this one after getting a letter in which I told her I might see Morena Rodriguez when I went to San Isidro for the Fiestas Patronales {Patron Saint Festival}. She referred to her simply as “tu amiga” {your friend}. The next letter I sent told her I never saw Morena anyway. It’s a weird experience, what with the time lag in these letters. She’s reacting right now to stuff I wrote a week or two ago, and by the time I get those reactions the events they refer to will be 2 to 3 weeks old, and long gone from my mind. But she loves me!

It’s late and I have to go to work tomorrow. However there’s going to be a going away party for the boss (off to Peru) which should pretty well kill the afternoon. My office life is rapidly becoming a Peyton Place of daily drama - everybody’s got his problems. Today Mike {Shank} gave me his expert assessment of all the female employees in the office. Who has the looks; who he’d like to get it on with; the quiet girl who changes at parties. I read a lot today - Land Tenure Center Newsletter articles, the Le Baron study of a big potential land buying & parcellation program, “Scientific American”.

Ed {Shiffer} figures he’ll be out of the hospital by Saturday, wearing a “corset”. He had about 8-10 of the boys in his school program in the room when I got there today. I took him his slippers & the newspaper.

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