Journal, June 12, 1976 PM

<I wrote to Sofia today.> That was about the extent of my creative endeavor. I told her all about my bummer day Thursday, & that I bought my ticket to go see her! I topped it all off by telling her I want to take her to bed, ya {now}! , and that I believe she ought to become a poet! Something in that letter is bound to elicit an emotional response! I hope it gets to her a good while before I get down there. There’s almost no chance I’ll get a reply to it before I go, but then I’d prefer her reaction in person!

I read a lot of “Scientific American, all day, and bought a few groceries when I went to mail my letter. Science, method as much as result, fascinates me. I think it must be my niche. If not I may have to become a poet (God forbid!).

It has rained all day today - hard at times. Unlike last year, this time the rainy season is starting off with a bang. It should be great for those who have their corn planted on the shallow soils of the hillsides. Those who planted corn on low land may wish they had opted for rice!

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