Journal, June 17, 1976 AM

It was a full day. I have been eating so much that my stomach has been working 24 hours, no rest. Last night after supper (4 hamburgers, 3 ears of yellow sweet corn, 2 bananas, salad, French fries & milk), I was so full it hurt to breathe deeply, & I could only drink one beer and that a couple hours after.

I got a letter in the morning from the Policia del Transito {Transit Police} telling me to be at a “diligencia” {arraignment} this morning at 11. John Jones recommended we send it back with a statement that I was out of town for the week, & ask them to reschedule it. I assume that was done. I’m nervous about the whole thing. I have never been to court before anywhere & don’t know what’s going on.

We had all our fine meetings & I learned a little about Peace Corps paperwork. I took a nice swim at noon. What a lake, cool, clear, huge & all in a dormant crater!

We had a real American football game at 4:30. It ended in a tie 0-0, but I got all scratched & scraped up & had a great time! After supper it was Volunteer entertainment. Hank Nebel did some decent classical & folk guitar. What talent for a physicist! They say he can cook too. Later Dave Loomis, who I don’t know at all, played some beautiful & difficult Latin ballads. It was a very mellow time, but I nearly fell asleep I was so bloated.

I ran this morning & did calisthenics to make room for breakfast.

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