Journal, June 4, 1976 AM

Unless all my saints desert me I will finally get the pickup today so I can go to Metalio and bring in my stuff! I’m supposed to be at Peace Corps Office at 8 AM to get it.

Come on now Miz! The cat is loving up to me. She tried to “catch” the tip of my pen as I wrote (that’s what happened to the word “come”!). Now she’s lying down again.

Ed {Shiffer} and I have decided to buy two rabbits and have a feast on Monday. I’ll bring them in from El Maizal and skin them tomorrow. That’s going to be a lot of meat though!

Ed gets out of the hospital on Saturday. I’ll have to kill the poor devils before he gets here because he can’t stand the sight of blood. I’ve only skinned that one rabbit Jay {Hasheider} & I did in my whole life, but I’m ready to try for 2 more!

Work was dull yesterday. Chico {Rodriguez} dropped by. He has a new study on the introduction of hybrid corn in El Salvador that he intends to guard jealously. I read through a study of what AID {U.S. Agency for International Development} agriculture allocations have been used for from the Alliance for Progress up to 1970. Although at the formation of the Alliance, agrarian reform was set as a major goal, a very minor part of AID funds have gone to further that goal. Most of the money has gone to “quick return” projects like road building, agricultural credit and introduction of fertilizers. Both the Latin American Governments & AID have shied away from true land reform.

<I wrote to Sofia again, this time in Spanish, to reassure her it’s O.K. if she can’t handle the translation of a complete & complicated letter.> If she gives it a good try it’ll do her a lot of good though!

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