Journal, June 22, 1976 PM

No tremors this afternoon or tonight, thank God. There was one early this morning, before I left the house to run laps. Yesterday I felt one at work & the day before there were 3, the last (at 5 PM) so strong Ed & I decided not to double-bolt the front door, to facilitate our leaving “enseguida” {quickly} in case of a strong one in the night. They don’t do much for my jittery nerves!

Yeah, I ran 3 laps around the big track in the “coffee plantation” this morning. I really felt good & my stamina surprised me. I’ve felt good all day; wish I had time to do it every morning.

I wrote a letter to Jan, all about recent hassles & hopes for my job & possibly an extension in Costa Rica. I wrote Gert too, about the weather, my job, the accident, etc. A “dear granny” type letter, but I think she would take offense at being described as a grandmother figure. Mother Gert Gary Fritz used to call her and she seemed to approve.

I went to a local lumber yard & got some wood prices for DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables}, only one though. I got hung up on filling out a form for John Jones - reimbursement for my stolen glasses. I had to go to La Joya (opticians) and see what it would cost to replace them. 132 Colones ($53) is what a comparable pair is worth. That is almost certainly less than mine cost to begin with.

I’m still on the introduction to Sartre’s philosophical book, dense, dense writing. I think I’m going to like Sartre’s approach to philosophy though. He doesn’t buy “transcendental egos” and “white hands”.

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