Journal, June 18, 1976 AM

The conference ends today at noon. It’s just as well; it’s become very old. We had group discussions & sector meetings yesterday, hashing over the perennial problems of Peace Corps.

I had sulfur burps and a very sore, upset stomach just about all day yesterday. I was farting all the time & the gas wouldn’t let me sit still comfortably for even 5 minutes. I downed 6 diarrhea pills before bed & think I have it licked now.

We had a second football game yesterday, and my team won 12-6 this time. We played with flags & a full-time serious ump. What fun to get a chance to play touch football. The most popular game of my growing up makes me feel back in the States.

No word from the Policia del Transito {Transit Police}. They didn’t come & get me. Jay {Hasheider} & Conrad {Ebish} sent off 2 successful balloons right after the football game. No liquor all yesterday, a relief considering the shape my stomach was in.

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