Journal, June 20, 1976 AM

Boy I started yesterday in a psychological hole! <I began a letter to Sofia and it was so depressing I balled it up & chucked it.> About the only two useful things I did all yesterday was catch up on news, El Salvador & the world. I went to Peace Corps Office & actually read yesterday’s “New York Times” yesterday, a rare treat! I also bought food for the week. I’ve got the beans cooking right now. I did mail a love letter for Jaime {Olson}, and made a thermos full of yogurt. That was it!

I started in on Anne Frank’s diary again last night, while picking out the bad beans & foreign matter from my pound of “frijoles negros” {black beans}. I’m impressed with the depth of thought of a 13 year old, & her ability to make a coherent story out of her entries. Of course if it weren’t for the wartime situation, their hiding out, etc., etc. the book wouldn’t have had the wide readership it’s enjoyed. It’s not great writing; you read for the story.

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