Journal, June 21, 1976 PM (Monday)

Some days I conclude that I will never do anything useful in my life. Today for instance. I went to work at DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables}, read some socioeconomic development studies, took a few notes. I had my 3 egg salad sandwiches for lunch, then started reading the introduction to “The Philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre”. Doubt I’ll ever finish it; philosophy is so tedious with its intricate logical arguments. Even the introduction is tedious! I put together a questionnaire (literally, with a stapler), actually 138 with Mike’s {Shank} help, to use in El Tamarindo & La Unión. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday we’ll be out there. I went by Peace Corps {Office} and found that Dr. Zavaleta hasn’t seen my glasses. So it really looks like someone stole them. Whatever for is beyond me! Jaleh isn’t ready to buy the idea that they were stolen yet, but I have no alternative explanation. The point is I did nothing to further my important goals in life all day. I neither did anything of significant value nor did anything to help capacitate myself to be useful later on. Most people live out their lives like this & don’t give it much thought, but I have no desire to be like most people.

I ran into Russ Soules at Peace Corps {Office}. He is “arreglando” {arranging} stuff for his wedding. He has to get a baptism certificate, a certificate of being single from his family’s church (!), and a certified clean police record from his hometown, as well as the birth certificate signed by {Secretary of State} Henry Kissinger and all his underlings down to the local Registrar of Deeds! And they’re starting to ask for money (75 Colones for the cathedral, 100 Colones for the priest, 30 Colones to stamp his papers from the U.S. Plus here the groom foots all the miscellaneous wedding bills including the reception. Poor Russ, he’s never been good at saving money! I shudder to think I’m headed toward the same snare in Costa Rica! (I sent a letter out to the culprit this very morning!)

It’s a free day tomorrow, Dia del Maestro {National Teachers Day}. I figure to go check out a couple lumber yards to get some wood prices I promised my counterpart (& now Mike {Shank} too). It’s only a holiday for government employees. I think I’ll get up early & run tomorrow. See if I can’t get myself fired up to get my life back on a goal-oriented track. I ought to fix up my bike to sell it, & start studying calculus again, and get my body back in shape. I have to live out this month on very little cash. I put 200 Colones in dollars for the Costa Rica trip and bought my ticket (90 Colones) so now I’m chronically short on bread {money} until next month’s check comes in.

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