Journal, June 5, 1976 PM

“Me Cansé de Rogarle” is a very forgettable Mexican movie. Ed {Shiffer}, Steve {Pamperin} and I went and saw it tonight. I had wanted to see a movie with Lucha Villa, and now I have. This husky-voiced lady has a house in the “Colonia” {barrio or neighborhood} Los Planes in San Salvador. She’s one of a kind, no question, and can she roll those r’s around!

Ed got back around 1 PM and slept most of the afternoon. I went grocery shopping & then cooked up some yuca & güisquil {chayote} for supper. We went to the 6:15 movie, & I had to reheat supper to eat it afterward. I have no energy left for reading tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to run laps at 6 AM with Steve, & get a soccer lesson afterward.

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