Journal, June 1, 1976 PM

Poor Ed Shiffer is still in the hospital. He says Dr. Zavaleta {Peace Corps physician} told him he’d have to wear a brace for a while & he doesn’t like the idea. He says he’d rather go to Washington and have an operation if that would permanently alleviate the problem. I have to take him his sandals & an envelope and writing paper tomorrow.

At work today Mike Shank and I put together the first draft of an interview schedule for the fishermen’s co-ops at El Tamarindo and La Unión. Oscar, our immediate boss, liked it so we’ll get it typed and take it out to the coop sites on our preliminary visit next week.

Jaime {Olson} dropped me a note saying he plans to leave for Costa Rica July 2nd. He’ll be in town the 13th of this month, so I’ll talk to him about it then.

<I wrote a letter to Sofia tonight, completely in English.> {some text not transcribed} The poor chic will have to spend at least a week deciphering that letter, if she doesn’t burn it first. But she asked for it! I told her about Jaime’s note & that we expect to be down there by July third. That’s a long month and 2 days off!

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